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Our cozy tasting room is open for tastings, meads by the glass and purchases of bottles, cans and kegs.

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Wednesday to Friday: 12 PM – 6 PM
Saturday: 12 PM – 5 PM
Sunday to Tuesday: Closed
Holidays: The tasting room is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we open as usual but may close early.

Our Meads

Four blue glass bottles of mead and a glass of mead being poured


Nectars are 8% ABV and carbonated session meads. Light, crisp and refreshing!

Bottle of mead and mead being poured into a wine glass

Mountain Honey Wines

Mountain Honey Wines are 12% ABV and still (non-carbonated) meads. Full-bodied and complex.

Three bottles of Reserve mead and a small glass of mead


Made only every so often, our finest dessert meads are aged for at least five years. 13-14% ABV and still (non-carbonated).

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Enjoy a visit to Redstone Meadery where you can taste different styles of mead. For those that think mead is sweet and syrupy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover styles that are very different.

Wine Trail Traveler

Today it is a successful small operation with an enthusiasm for educating customers about mead and creating imaginative high quality products. Redstone meads are now found in 30 states and in about 300 liquor establishments in Colorado and for a good reason: Redstone mead is absolutely fantastic.

303 Magazine

The first in the country to feature its beverage through a tap system, Redstone has continued to be on the cutting-edge of ancient technology meets modern-day mead brewing. Whether pushing boundaries with its innovative flavors…, an experimental barrel aging program… and hop-forward styles…, to its self-distribution of more than 110K bottles to 35 states and counting – everything is done here in Boulder by hand (and some machines) and we think that is pretty Sweet!

Eat Drink Boulder

What does mead taste like? A visit to the tasting rooms at Redstone Meadery will answer that question…and then some. Mead is a light garnet color and tastes like sparkling black raspberries – something like summertime in a glass. Or is it amber, tasting like juniper berries, with a slight gin-like flavor and the suggestion of oak? Maybe it tastes like vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon that curls around the back of your throat? Or perhaps like cool clear golden honey wine, a taste that reconnects with genetic memory, the first fermented beverage known to man (and woman). Could it be mead in that crescent-moon shaped bottle?

Colorado Daily

Some in imbibing circles claim mead was the first fermented beverage. The ancient drink is still around and, what’s more, it’s the of-the-moment thing to drink now in the Rocky Mountain state. Colorado’s own Redstone Meadery in Boulder produces a fine one

Splendid Table National Public Radio

Boulder’s Redstone Meadery, one of the country’s largest mead producers, offers such enticing mixers as the Meadmosa, Nectar Be Darned and Mead Tai, but our favorite was their Honey Wine with Black Raspberry Puree (Redstone Reserve 2001). It’s rich and sweet with dominant honey flavors, complemented by black raspberry, currants and cranberries. Try this melomel (fruit infused mead) in sangria or homemade chocolate truffles, as a sweet fillip for roast beef or duck gravies, or for a modern twist on tiramisu.

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